Thursday, March 12, 2015

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Here is an easy way to market to a new homeowner in your neighborhood.  Send them a letter or postcard and welcome them.  Here is a sample that you may use, but make sure to make it your own and personalize it to what you specialize in.

Hello neighbor (insert name if you can),

Congratulations on your recent home purchase!   

I hope you are settling in and feeling at home.  

We all know that it can be hectic getting settled into a new home. Finding a new massage therapist may not be at the top of your list right now, but we hope you will think of (put your business name here) when the time arrives.
We are located at (put your address here) and we offer a variety of relaxing and therapeutic services that can help you feel better from the stresses of moving.  At (put your business name here) you can expect to receive the highest quality services from skillful and experienced therapists.  We specialize in [add your specialty here (reflexology, stress relieve, prenatal and infant massage, back pain, sports injuries, etc...)].
We welcome the opportunity to serve you soon and again welcome to the neighborhood!
 (sign your name if you are having this letter typed out)

You can add a coupon if you wish to entice this person to come in sooner.  Do make sure to enclose a business card at the very least so that they can keep your information on hand.

If you have a larger budget, or live in a smaller town, a welcome basket filled with items from multiple local businesses that you have partnered up with may have more impact than just a welcome letter. 

How do you welcome a new neighbor?  Let us know by commenting below or in the Facebook group for Massage Marketing Toolbox.