Monday, November 10, 2014

Dress Up Your Gift Certificates To Boost Sales This Holiday Season

You should be selling gift cards year round, but your sales should skyrocket around the holidays.  My gift cards are business card sized.  I got the original idea to do them this way from the Massage Hacks blog. (She has some great posts, if you don't follow her, you should.)  Ever since I changed my gift cards to this size, I have been able to sell many more throughout the year, and I have also raised the redemption rate.  My clients are able to hold on to their gift cards in their wallet (since they fit so nicely in them) so they have less of a chance to lose their cards.  

Sooo....back to the subject at hand.  How to dress up your gift certificates to boost your sales this holiday season.  Being that the size of my gift cards are business card sized, it makes it much easier to find gift card holders for them.  The best prices come after the holiday season is over and they are on clearance, but you'll have a chance to prepare for next year's holiday come January.  

Head to your local dollar store if you have one, or any card store and purchase small pillow boxes as your gift card holders.  They usually come in packs with three or more included, with quite a few varieties to choose from.  I have purchased three for a dollar (less if on clearance!).  Another option is to use greeting cards that double as gift card holders.  In the picture above, Santa and the Penguin are holding greeting cards while the snowman and the holiday bear have pillow boxes.  I purchased the stuffed toys from the dollar store, so to dress up a gift card it cost me less that $2, and my clients loved it!  It looked much more thoughtful on their part when giving the certificate, especially since I matched everything up for them, and for free with the purchase of the gift card over $40.

Decorate your space, or take a picture of your dressed up gift cards and make a poster letting your clients know that you have them available for purchase.  After each massage appointment from after Thanksgiving (you can start a few weeks before if you like, but it always rubs me the wrong way when a business pushes a holiday before another one has gone past) through to you last days of the year, ask your client if they would like to purchase a gift card for someone on their gift giving list.  Show them the item, or point to your picture and let them know you will dress up their gift card complimentary.

Show me some pictures of your dressed up gift certificates and gift cards.  I'd love to see what you've come up with.  Share them with me in the facebook Massage Marketing Toolbox group.

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