Friday, January 30, 2015

Marketing Calendar Idea

A Way To Stay On Your Clients' Minds Throughout The Year

Do you own a paper calendar?  Do your clients use paper calendars at home? I use one.  Mine was given to me by my insurance agent.  It has her information on the bottom visible each and every month.  My mother uses two.  One came from her insurance agent as well, and the other from a funeral home.  these calendars are nothing special, and other than the banner business card on the bottom, they don't tell much about the business that provided them to us.

I happened upon an article in American Spa about the clever use of calendars for marketing your business.  You can read the short article here:

This got my wheels turning in my brain of how I could come up with a calendar for my business that serves more purpose than the basic landscape scene with random quotes calendars we tend to receive.  Instead of pictures of random scenes of red barns or snowy mountains, how about pictures of retail products with a coupon useable only in that particular month, or someone getting a massage in our place of business.  Instead of random quotes, how about using interesting facts about the benefits of massage, or facts about the human body that relate to each particular month.

Giving away a calendar is nothing new in marketing, but it can be improved upon easily if you give it a bit of thought.  What are your clients interests?  What problem could you solve in February, August, or December.  What reminders could you put in place throughout the year for your clients?

If you are going to give the calendar away, make sure you are the first business in the hands of your clients.  I know that after I get a couple of calendars, the rest that follow end up in the recycling bin.  I find that most companies send theirs out in December.  How about sending yours out for Thanksgiving?  It could double up as your November promotion giveaway as a way to say 'Thank You' to your clients.

What do you think of paper calendars?  Do you use them?  Let us know by commenting below, or at the Facebook Massage Marketing Toolbox group.

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