Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Valentine Massage Marketing Idea

Valentine's Day is less than a month away!

Do you have your Valentine marketing ready?  

Here is an idea for you:

 Cross Promote with Another Business
Some lucky clients get a Valentine's surprise!
Flower Bouquet Giveaway
Partner with a local florist for small bouquets of roses for your clients.  I did this a couple years ago.  I partnered with a florist in town to do a Facebook contest with them.  They hosted the contest on their Facebook page.  I provided them with a gift certificate and a couple of small retail items to fill the basket of flowers.  In exchange they gave me enough small bouquets of roses on Valentine's Day to surprise my clients.  I added a small box of chocolates.  My clients loved the surprise - a couple of them were single at the time so it made their day, and a couple of the male clients were very appreciative of being on the receiving end of a Valentine!

Some other ideas:

Purchase some small chocolates and give them to your clients during Valentine's weekend.

Create a special Valentine's service available only during February.  Try bundling services together, or adding extra time to a regular service.

Use a different oil for your massage such as one infused with cocoa (to go with a chocolate theme).

Offer something different for your client to drink such as a rose tea (to go with a flower theme).

Partner with another therapist for couples massages if you don't already offer them in your business.

Teach a couple's massage workshop at your space, or at your local library.

What will you do to market your business for Valentine's Day?  Let us know by commenting here, or in the Massage Marketing Toolbox Facebook group.

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