Monday, September 8, 2014

Finding A New Massage Therapist

This is a bit of a homework post for you.  I want you to find a new massage therapist for yourself, make an appointment, and report back to me what you find out.  Here are your questions to answer:

1. How did you find this new therapist?

2. What did you like about your experience?

3. What could have been improved upon?

4. Is there anything that you would like to now add to your business because of this experience?

Now you might be wondering what does this have to do with marketing my business?  This assignment can be considered market research for you.  I want you to pay close attention to why you chose the particular massage therapist that you went to.  You can go where ever you want to go.  It could be to your closest competitor, or further away if you choose. 

I'm looking forward to your story.  Comment below, or head on over to the Massage Marketing Toolbox facebook group to share what you've learned.

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