Monday, October 6, 2014

Partnering With A Local Business (Part 3)

There are different ways you can partner with local businesses to promote your practice.  This is part 3 of 3 posts.

Create A VIP Card For Local Employees

I live in a town that is known as the corporate king of the suburbs.  There are many companies headquartered in my area.  Here is something that I am going to be trying out for January next year.  I think it will be a great tie in to New Year's Resolutions.  I will choose a nearby company and offer VIP cards for the employees.  There are many companies that I've seen do something like this, but never seen a massage therapist do the same. I've seen bars and night clubs have VIP cards where they offer discounts on admission, or drink specials that they can only get with the card.  I have seen restaurants do this with a free dessert for VIP card holders.  I have seen grocery stores that have reward/membership cards in which you save money off the price, or you rack up points to earn credit towards your next purchase.  So why not create a VIP card for a massage business?

Here is my plan:

We all know that healthy employees = happy employees and happy employees = more productive ones.

I am going to create a VIP card (business card) and offer them to businesses to give out to their employees.  I am a member of two local chambers so I can spread the word out easily and limit it to 2 businesses (one in each chamber).  It will have a limited time offer on the back side, with my business contact information on the front.  Below are my ideas that I've been brainstorming. 

which would you prefer?  option #1 or option #2?

Option #1 adds on free upgrades at a minimal cost to me, and option #2 offers special pricing.  Which would you prefer to receive?  Let me know in the comments below, or in the facebook Massage Marketing Toolbox group.

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